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Sharon Stewart
Sharon Stewart
10:00am - 12:00pm
Regular Program

Job Listings


Mega Rock is Always Accepting Applications.  Send resume to General Sales Manager, 51 Pickering St., Brookville, PA 15825.  MEGA ROCK is an equal opportunity employer.


Mega Rock has an immediate opening :


 Radio Sales Representative.

Applications can be filled out under "Help Wanted" or email your resume to




Job Description:

The primary responsibility of a Sales Representative at Strattan Broadcasting is to meet their quota for sales in radio advertising in a known and approved manner. This includes but is not limited to Sale of radio spots, sales involving our website and Facebook page, printed publications, remotes, etc.


Specifically, they are expected to fulfill that responsibility in the following ways:


1. Passionately pursue advertisers.

Getting businesses on board to show them how Mega Rock can help them grow is the first step to success for everyone. This includes future, current, and previous advertisers. The Sales Representative should be energetic and pro-active in meeting people and creating contacts with potential advertisers, while most of all getting them on the air.


2. Maintain positive healthy relationships with business owners and employees, providing excellent, consistent service in a personalized way.

This is imperative to long-term success in sales and with Strattan Broadcasting. There are other stations out there businesses can advertise with, and many potential advertisers have limited budgets. Mega Rock needs to be represented as THE station that provides the best service and the best results in the most consistent, positive way. The Sales Representative is a crucial factor in making that the case.


3. Be actively involved in the communities that they serve.

The Sales Representative is the face of Mega Rock to both Listeners and Advertisers. They are expected to promote the station at every possible juncture. They do this through attending Chamber dinners, meet and greets, store openings, remote broadcasts, etc. Kissing babies and shaking hands is a critical step to being successful in this position.


4. Appropriately complete all necessary paperwork connected to the sales and service they are providing, maintaining records for themselves and providing applicable traffic and billing information to the Office Manager, and production information to the Production Director in a timely fashion.

The Office Manager is here to support the Sales Representative, but cannot do so without the right forms of documentation; such as advertiser contact information, completed order forms, and contracts. The Production Director cannot be held responsible for allowing an expired ad to continue running if the Sales Representative hasn’t communicated start and end dates. All the positions have to work together to accomplish the goals of the station.


5. Document each day’s work thoroughly for submittal to the General Sales Manager.

It is required that all work done for Strattan Broadcasting be reported to the General Sales Manager. This is beneficial to the Sales Representative because it gives the General Manager the opportunity to provide constructive feedback as well as bonuses and recognition for work well done.



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